Customized HVAC Maintenance Services
Are Worth Every Penny

Luckily, we provide budget-friendly service in the New Hartford, CT area

Modern HVAC systems are designed to keep us comfortable year-round, but they can disrupt our daily routines when they break down. Glacier Mechanical Services of New Hartford, CT can save you money on a premature replacement by performing routine maintenance on your equipment.

We'll tailor our HVAC maintenance services to your needs in order to optimize your heating and cooling system. Call 860-909-1022 now find out how often you should perform maintenance on your HVAC equipment.

Don't allow a malfunctioning unit to continue running

Putting off heating or AC repairs could...

Shorten the service life of your equipment
Contribute to poor indoor air quality and the spread of germs
Cause your unit to break down on the hottest or coldest days of the year

From boilers to central AC units, our repair technician can work on most household HVAC systems. Contact us today to arrange for service in the New Hartford, CT area.